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This page will be used to keep the membership informed of convention news and events.  It will include upcoming and past events, news and pictures.

Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, Michigan

The 2017 Michigan Moose Association Mid-Year Conference will be March 23 thru March 26, 2017 at The Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth. 

Article XXII of the Michigan Moose Association By-Laws states, "Any lodges not participating in the annual State Convention or Mid-Year Conference may be subject to disciplinary action that may result in the lost(sic) of their Social Quarters priviledges, not to exceed (7) seven days, by authority of the Regional Manager with the approval of the State Executive Board of Officers."

Scott Hart, PSG; Director General

                           A Note from the Director General

It is a tremendous accomplishment for any organization to still be around 100 years after its founding. We enjoyed our cake in celebrating the Loyal Order of Moose, Women of the Moose, Moose Legion and Mooseheart reaching their Centennials. The year 2022 is approaching fast and with it comes Moosehaven’s 100th birthday. In preparation for the party, we want to put an exclamation point on the first century of care for our senior members living with the beautiful City of Contentment. As Moose we have committed to build a new congregate living facility for our Moosehaven residents. This will be a three-story, 105 apartment, up-to-date 21st century technology, superior living environment. Our fundraising goal is $10,000,000 within three years. Can we do it? Visit Moosehaven and look into the eyes of one of our residents and tell them that we can’t….I double dog dare you! Thank you for building our foundation and giving generously to Moosehaven’s Centennial Project.

                    International Convention 
                                        Tampa, Florida 
                                 June 29 - July 3

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The Michigan Moose Association State Convention in Sault Ste Marie is scheduled for August 10 - 13, 2017.  Further details will be on this  site when availoable.

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